Accomodation & Fooding


Travelling abroad for medical purpose involves a very important decision that the patient has to make - choosing the right accommodation service or facility.
 Poor choice of accommodation has the potential to further deteriorate the patient’s health and bring serious health issues to him. For example, a patient who has had cardiac surgery or orthopaedic surgery must ensure that he avoids taking the stairs.

Therefore, the patient has to be careful while making the decision and must take into account several factors like proximity to the hospital, cost, quality of services rendered, etc.


Luxurious, Heavenly, Tranquil, Exotic, Inviting, Clean, Safe, Gracious, these are just a few adjectives that describe the 4 and 5-star hotels that are part of our Spaecare Medical Tourism accommodations. These fine resorts and hotels abroad are chosen with your procedure in mind, so you will recover in an environment offering the highest hygienic standards.

·         Stay and relaxation in luxury hotels, serviced apartments, resorts and hotels of your taste and choice prearranged.

·         Hotel Bookings facilitated in advance in 5 Star, 4 Star, 3 Star 2 Star, Business Class & Budget Hotels.

·         We also focus in providing “SERVICED APARTMENTS” on select and an allocation basis. This would be the finest alternative for medical tourist who has to use up a longer period in India or outside india for medical treatment.

·         Resort accommodation can be arranged for recovery stay in calming environs.

·         Home-stay accommodation can be given in various locations depending upon your prerequisite.

·         Home stays will give you an insight into the lifestyles of people in Kerala, ethnicity and cuisine. Superior home stay accommodation and homely food would help in effortless healing.

·         We Provide clean and allergy free hotel/ lodge for the patients to stay.


·         Spaecare Medical Tourism has proven to be a disruptive force in the healthcare industry, patients traveling with families for treatments abroad - at times for months at a stretch - experience some basic yet, overlooked issues related to finding affordable accommodation and healthy, culturally varied food. Food and gastronomical choices in menus across hospitals, hotels, restaurants and cafes must be checked for appropriateness and variety.


·         Every culture and race has different food habits which some time make the tours difficult for few people, especially those who are not frequent travelers. Also with the age the habits change. To help and over tide such situations, such demands can be accomplished while planning the procedure. All types of food can be provided to the expats on demand, weather Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, etc.

·         We Provide patients healthy and hygienic food as per the diet chart prescribed by our own expert Nutritionist.