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Welcome To Spaecare

Spaecare introduces itself as a one-stop portal to serve patients for a wide range of medical treatments in India and abroad.

Spaecare introduces itself as a one-stop portal to serve patients for a wide range of medical treatments in India and abroad. Our experience, expertise and our association with large number of expert doctors and hospitals makes us a leader in the field of medical tourism. As your medical travel partner, we provide you a host of services right from the point you leave your home till you reach back. We are an agile team with an enduring zeal to ensure maximum patient satisfaction throughout their journey with us. Our dedicated and perseverant team of professionals, and team of passionate individuals, from diverse background and expertise, who work towards the goal of better healthcare by following highest degree of ethics and international patient care standard.


Medical Tourism Guide

Deciding where to go

What are the key elements in selecting your medical travel destination.

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Checking out the clinic or hospital

What you should look for when selecting a hospital or clinic abroad.

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Checking out the doctor

A guide for what you should ask the doctor or surgeon in order to select the right one for your needs.

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Using a medical tourism facilitator

The process of deciding where to go for medical treatments abroad can be a challenging task, particularly for first time medical travelers.

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Medical trip aftercare

What happens after the medical trip? Learn about aftercare & recovery processes in medical tourism.

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Financing medical tourism (tips)

Learn about the available financing options for people going abroad for medical treatment

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Patient Testimonial

It was my travel agent who suggest me to take help of Spaecare. With their guidance, I was able to decide the hospital & more importantly the surgeon in no time. The approach in deciding the hospital that Spaecare took was very logical & I was impressed with their information on various aspects of the treatment in the hospital. Everything went on very smoothly. Spaecare and also the hospital staff very nicely attended me.

Vijay Patel
Gujarat, India

I had a renal failure disease and the doctors had suggested final treatment is only kidney transplant surgery. With the assistance Spaecare, I got my kidney transplant surgery done at one of the best hospital of India by best kidney transplant surgeon. One of my relative had donated his one kidney to give me fresh lease of life. I am thankful to everyone who supports me during the toughest phase of my life.

Abdul Haque
Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am writing this mail to express my heartfelt gratitude for the pre-and post-tour assistance that we received from your organization during all my medical visits at CMC, Vellore. I genuinely believe that my wife received right treatment due to proper orientation and guidance given by you people. Also, the assistance we received regarding travel, treatment, paying bills and accommodation were commendable. Without your assistance, I don't think our medical tour would have been as successful as it is. I am sure that ours will be a long-lasting relationship and expect the same from you. Keep it up guys.

Kamalesh Ghara
West Bengal, India